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Wait, so there's an NDIS Code of Conduct now?

The NDIS Code of Conduct is being established to ensure people with a disability receive NDIS supports in a safe and ethical way.

It will set out obligations that all workers and providers in the NDIS will be required to follow.

How will the Code of Conduct work?

The Code will be policed by a new organisation set up by the Federal Government called the NDIS Commission.

Anyone (e.g. worker, carer, client) will be able to make a complaint to the NDIS Commission if they believe the Code has been breached. The NDIS Commission will be given powers to then investigate the complaint – and if it is found that a worker or provider has breached the Code, the NDIS Commission will have the power to issue penalties.

What happens if you are found to breach the Code?

If the NDIS Commission finds that you have breached the Code of Conduct, it can issue a range of penalties including:

  • Warnings and directions

  • A fine of up to $52,500

  • Cancelling registration of providers so they can’t do any other NDIS work

  • Ban a worker from working in the disability sector.

These are very serious penalties.

When is this happening?

The Federal Government wants it set up to start from July 2018. This is a big change and it’s important that frontline workers like you are properly consulted.

How can I find out more information and be prepared for the new Code?

The best way to keep informed is to be a member of the Australian Services Union. It is going to be more important than ever to join the ASU.

As an ASU Member you:

  • will be provided with Member-Only resources to understand and prepare for the Code.

  • will be able to receive independent advice and support about NDIS Commission complaints.

  • are also covered for free by our Professional Indemnity Insurance meaning that you won’t need to purchase this at additional expense to you.

  • you are automatically a member of the Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners – a professional association set up by members, for members, so frontline workers like you have a say in developing best practice standards in our sector.

The Australian Services Union is holding Code of Conduct Training events near you throughout 2018. Find out the dates and register at

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